The perfect gift for the drummer in your life!


We’re the only drum shop in the Midwest that offers custom engraved drumsticks. These are not printed or wrapped, they are laser etched into the stick, so they have texture and won’t wear off. You can choose how deep you’d like the engraving, and nearly the entire stick can be engraved!

Any size stick can be used, and we have a large selection here in our shop. You can check out some pre-made designs below, but most designs or illustrations can be scanned and etched onto your stick. Band logos, your signature, pretty much what ever you can dream up!

Cost varies based on size and intricacy of design, and type of sticks. If you’re interested in placing an order, please call (608) 782-4300 or email [email protected] with your specifications. (If you are unsure what size stick you need, 5A is the most popular.)


We now offer custom boxes for sticks as well! Handmade, with your choice of a custom wood-burned design.


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